Opening remarks from the chair
08:50  to  09:00 v Jackson Ballroom
William Mansfield. Director of Intellectual Property. ABRO Industries.
USPTO Patent Trial and Appeal Board Update
09:00  to  09:40 v Jackson Ballroom
  • PTAB 101
  • Ex Parte Appeals
  • AIA Trials
  • PTAB Updates

What does the Patent Trial and Appeal Board of the United States Patent and Trademark Office do and why are they relevant to managing my patent portfolio.

Hon. Judge Beverly Bunting. Lead Administrative Patent Judge, PTAB. USPTO.
Keynote Panel Discussion: Developing a robust IP strategy from the supply chain and academic research to strategic issues
09:40  to  10:20 v Jackson Ballroom
  • Broadly, considerations for developing a robust IP strategy
  • Freedom to operate: strategies for assessing and managing risks
  • Freedom to operate:  strategies for assessing and managing risks
  • Invention capture and strategic selection of technology for patenting
  • Managing and coordinating an international IP portfolio
  • Licensing offers and cease-and-desist letters:  response strategies and use in portfolio enforcement
Tony Gutowski. Partner. Finnegan.
Todd Vaughn. Principal. Jordan IP Law, LLC.
Dalpreet Saluja. Associate General Counsel & Chief IP Counsel. Visteon.
Antun Peakovic. Director Intellectual Property. Schaeffler Group Inc..
Todd Pleiness. IP Specialist & Patent Attorney. MAHLE International.
Bryce Pilz. Director of Licensing. University of Michigan.
Speed Networking
10:20  to  11:00

Rapid, dynamic, and fast moving 1-to-1 meetings. This session helps you to get to know other attendees, exchange your business cards and build new contacts.

Morning coffee break and networking
11:00  to  11:30 v Atrium
Brazil: automotive market & local IP system
11:30  to  12:10 v Jackson Ballroom
  • Status and trends of the car industry in Brazil
  • Statistics: latest numbers of the industry locally
  • Brazilian IP system at a glance: Patents, Design, Unfair Competition & Trade Secrets
  • Enforcing IP rights: preliminary injunctive relief opportunities

Brazil is the 9th country both in GDP and in the global automotive market, being the only Latin American country in the Top 10 and accounting for over 1.1 million unit sales. After overcoming a 2 years recession (2015-2016), Brazilian economy is regaining growth: among the top 10 countries, Brazil had the 2nd highest sales growth in comparison to 2017 (+14%), only behind India (+16%).

As the current scenario provides multiple business and growth opportunities, this presentation will introduce attendees to the Brazilian IP system, addressing the best strategies to obtain effective IP protection, as well as the advantages of enforcing IP rights in Brazil. 

Ricardo Nunes. Partner & Head of Patents Practice. Daniel Law.
Update on Federal AV Regulation and Legislation in the US
12:10  to  12:50 v Jackson Ballroom
  • Update the administration’s latest moves on AV regulation
  • Review Congress’ last attempt to legislate on AVs
  • Update Congress’ most recent work on AV legislation  
  • Touch briefly on states’ moves to regulate

Attempts to regulate AVs have become more active in the last few months.  This discussion will:

Catherine McCullough. Founder and Executive Director. Intelligent Car Coalition.
Networking Luncheon
12:50  to  14:20 v Atrium
SEP Licensing Versus Internet of Things
14:20  to  15:00 v Jackson Ballroom
  • IoT Proliferation
  • SEP Licensing Principles
  • Case Study: Cellular Communications Meet the Auto Industry
Chris Storm. Legal Director, IP. Uber.
Panel Discussion: How IP strategy can help minimizing the exposure of OEMs and suppliers from IP litigation
15:00  to  15:40 v Jackson Ballroom
  • How the latest strategies and tactics employed in patent litigation may affect pre-litigation preparation in matters between competitors and as to threats by non-practicing entities (“NPEs”).
  • “Defensive” strategy solutions being sold to OEM/tiers and some lessons learned from wireless litigation.
William Mansfield. Director of Intellectual Property. ABRO Industries.
Darryl M. Woo. Partner, IP Litigation. Goodwin Procter LLP.
Rubén H. Muñoz. Partner. Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP.
Michael Connelly. Director, IP. DOAR, Inc..
John Cheek. Chief Intellectual Property Counsel. Tenneco/DRiV Automotive.
Tanya Garrett. IP Counsel. Acument Global Technologies.
Afternoon coffee break and networking
15:40  to  16:10 v Atrium
Super-user Roundtable A: How Many Patents are Enough?
16:10  to  16:50 v Jackson Ballroom

OEMs and suppliers own 500,000 of patents costing billions of dollars. But how many patents are enough? In this session, we will explore patenting strategy best practice and the quest to build the ideal portfolio.

  • Building the ideal patent portfolio
  • Calculating the risk posed by general and specific threats
  • Combining strategic patent intelligence with market data to determine areas of understocking and over-stocking

Get updates on IP and Patenting laws, led by key industry experts and market leaders. The session will enable you to learn about the latest developments, drill down into specific challenges and uncover potential solutions.

Nigel Swycher. CEO. Cipher.
Super-user Roundtable B: Artificial Intelligence – A Discussion of Ownership, Liability, and its Impact on the Autonomous Vehicle.
16:10  to  16:50 v Jackson Ballroom
  • Ownership of A.I.
  • What legal frameworks are best suited for protecting A.I. related intellectual property,
  • How relative bargaining power in the industry affects ownership issues; and
  • Issues relating to liability—e.g., areas for potential liability and what mechanisms are best to address the inevitable liability issues.

The roundtable would focus on the role of A.I. in Autonomous Vehicles and what legal issues developers should consider and how they should approach these issues as we move toward more autonomous vehicle.  The roundtable will include discussions on issues relating to:

Jacob Heath. Partner. Orrick.
Super-user Roundtable C: Design Patents - How Automotive OEMs and Suppliers Can Protect Parts and Deter Copycats
16:10  to  16:50 v Jackson Ballroom
  • Examples of automotive-related design patenting techniques and strategies            
  •  Recent design patent cases from the Federal Circuit, including its Automotive Body Parts Association v. Ford Global Technologies, LLC decision
  •  Damages and other remedies for design patent infringement           

Get updates on IP and Patenting laws, led by key industry experts and market leaders. The session will enable you to learn about the latest developments, drill down into specific challenges and uncover potential solutions.

Tony Gutowski. Partner. Finnegan.
Fighting Fakes in China and the Developing World - It CAN Be Done!
16:50  to  17:30 v Jackson Ballroom
  • How ABRO has been successfully fighting fakes in China for over a decade.
  • How the ABRO approach can work for your brand as well.
  • How to fight fakes in the developing world.
William Mansfield. Director of Intellectual Property. ABRO Industries.
Closing remarks from the chair
17:30  to  17:40 v Jackson Ballroom
William Mansfield. Director of Intellectual Property. ABRO Industries.
Evening Networking Drinks & Dinner
18:00  to  21:00 v Washtenaw